Spam Filtering

  • Spam accounts for 45% of all email, or about 14.5 billion emails per day. According to a study by the Radicati Research Group Inc., a research firm based in Palo Alto, California, spam costs businesses $20.5 billion annually in decreased productivity as well as in technical expenses. Nucleus Research estimates that the average loss per employee annually because of spam is approximately $1934.
  • Predictions for the future costs of spam don’t look any brighter. It is estimated that 58 billion junk emails will be sent every day within the next four years, a figure that will cost businesses some $198 billion annually.
  • Some researchers believe that based on an estimated current cost of $49 annually per inbox, the total cost of spam for businesses will balloon to $257 billion per year if spam continues to flourish at its current rate.

Business Telephone Solutions can help you manage your spam problem. We can provide both server-based and external spam filters. External spam filters scan your email for spam and viruses before they every make it to your mail server. External spam services are sold by the mailbox per month.

Sever-based spam filter works with your own mail server to check for spam and viruses. Server-base spam filter gives you full control over how agressive your filtering is and is sold on a yearly subscription basis.