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From MPLS , DSL,  POTS, VOIP and everything in between, BTS demystifies the phone company lingo and simplifies the experience for our customers.  With a 20 year history of carrier experience, beginning as a Bell Atlantic Agent in 1989, BTS has long history of providing economical voice and data solutions for Delaware Valley businesses.  We help you navigate the ins and outs of the carrier game quickly and easily by way of our many industry relationships.   


Why BTS Consultants?

 BTS has 20 years of installation experience with BOTH hardware and carrier services and has a firm understanding of both sides of the industry.  We will spend the necessary time to time learn about you and your business, and offer the most cost effective solution that best addresses your needs.  And unlike typical consultants, we are able to manage ALL aspects of the installation process, from design to implementation, so you can feel confident that your transition will be handled professionally, and with minimal impact on the day to day operations of your business. 

Our Partners

 Every business has had the unfortunate experience of dealing with the frustration that is associated when dealing with the “Phone Company”.  In today’s carrier arena poor customer service is almost the expected norm, and the possibility of spending hours on the phone trying to address service issues is a reality.  And very often businesses feel trapped and don’t change carriers when they are unhappy with their service because they are so afraid of what might occur during the process of changing carriers.       

That’s where BTS’ relationship with our Carrier partners is essential to our providing a superior experience for our clients.  Our partners are carefully chosen because they maintain the same high standard of service we strive for each and every day. 

A typical T1 or PRI installation takes 4-6 weeks from the time the paperwork is signed until the circuit is turned up and the first phone call is received.    

Your Peace of Mind

Rest assured, we’re working hard every day to bring you the right solution in a timely manner and at the best price!