Custom On-hold Recordings

Convert your callers into customers!

That's what our custom On-hold messages will do for you. Your customized message system enables your company to communicate to a captive audiance - your customers and soon to be customers. When you need to place your caller on hold, a digital announcer that is attached to the telephone system plays your professionally produced, customized message.

This marketing tool encourgaes your customers to stay on the line by listening to your company's on-hold message in an entertaining format. They will hear information about your company and about the products and services they provide.

Your custom on-hold message will:

  • Convert callers into customers
  • Reduce caller hang-up
  • Relax callers who are waiting
  • Provide callers with addititional information about your company
  • Strengthen customer loyalty

88% of customers hang up if they are listening to silence on hold.
85% of customers will not hang up if they are listening to a good message.
18% will purchase additional products and services!

Maximize the effectiveness of your telephone system. You only get ONE chance to make a great first impression. Maximize your advertising dollar by transforming your telephone into a selling tool. Custom on-hold messages are designed for every size business and every budget. You can upgrade as your grow!