Selling products and providing creative cost effective solutions are entirely different concepts. Products can be purchased in a variety of ways, and today there are a number of both small and large companies in the telecommunications marketplace strictly selling products and equipment. For most, after the sale is complete, there is very little focus on customer service or being a value-added business partner. Prior to, and during the initial installation process, very few of these company’s provide the guidance and support that is necessary for their customers to benefit fully from today’s advanced technologies.

While working with a BTS sales consultant, you will benefit from many years of industry experience. This is important, because when it comes to technical sales, a thorough understanding of any product or technology is best learned in the field. That is why each of our technical sales consultants has at least 10 years of hands-on field experience. This level of experience serves to maximize the return on each dollar that you invest in BTS’ products and services.